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CW-CARESOur Commitment

At Chef Works, we believe in leaving our world a better place. It is at the heart of our company culture which drives our deep commitment to making a positive difference. Each year, Chef Works supports many worthwhile charitable events, programs and organizations and encourages employee volunteerism. Our commitment extends to supporting organizations devoted to issues concerning children living in poverty, individuals facing intellectual and developmental challenges and the sustaining the environment. We are proud to partner with organizations in the communities in which we live and work.


Our strategic philanthropy focuses on three areas: the elimination of children living in poverty, children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and protecting and improving the environment for many generations to come.

Every child has the right to a healthy and secure childhood. By ending the cycle of poverty, children are given the chance to thrive and the opportunity of a better future.

We believe empowering every individual to reach their full potential. Chef Works supports children and adults with special needs to lead meaningful lives and become integral members of our community.

Chef Works is a steadfast steward of the environment. Through our ‘Greener World’ initiatives, we continuously seek ways to improve our sustainable practices.

We are dedicated to providing financial support to local organizations in these three areas through our Charitable Giving Grant Opportunity programs.

Chef Works Charitable Giving Committee

Comprised of Chef Works employees around the globe, the Charitable Giving Committee manages the Charitable Giving Grant Opportunity program. The committee carefully reviews and selects charitable causes which reflect Chef Work’s commitment and mission. The goal of the Charitable Giving Committee is to strengthen organizations and programs in the communities where Chef Works employees and their families live and work.

“Chef Works believes in investing in charitable organizations that are in the business of making positive change for children living in poverty, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental needs and for healing the planet. We are constantly inspired by the people and projects that come our way. If Chef Works can provide the financial backing to see a program through, then in our minds it is mission accomplished,” Cynthia S. McCormick, Vice President, Human Resources, Charitable Giving Committee Chair.



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