Kevin Templeton

February Chef of the Month

San Diego, California, USA

Name: Kevin Templeton
Age: 36
Nationality: American
Country of Residence: USA

1. Your Restaurant/Business: Executive Chef at Barleymash, San Diego, USA.

2. About Your Kitchen: Fast paced, delicious American comfort food.

3. Your Favorite Chef Works Item: : The Brighton Chef Coat (SK3001DGY) in the smart dark gray fabric.

4. First Job: I started at Top of the Cove restaurant in La Jolla, San Diego, USA.

5. Your Favorite Cookbook: Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking by Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young and Maxime Bilet. The book is an encyclopedia and a guide to the science of contemporary cooking.

6. Your Awards: Voted Chef of the Year twice, Best American Cuisine and Best New Restaurant by the Gaslamp Quarter Association (a San Diego district). Featured in San Diego Home & Garden Chefs Hall of Fame and won Best Burger at the San Diego Food & Wine Festival.

7. Your Cooking Inspiration: I love Latino inspired flavors and foods.

8. Your Specialty Dish: Coffee & Stout Braised Short Ribs served with Arugula Mashed Potatoes, loka Farm veggies and a coffee-horseradish demiglace

9. Favorite Dish To Eat: The Sizzling Rice Soup from Hong Kong Restaurant in Hillcrest, San Diego, USA.

10. Weirdest Thing You Ever Ate: A Balut (developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in its shell).

11. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream Ice Cream with cherries & fudge flakes.

12. Favorite Drink: Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon (neat).

13. Favorite Wine: A 1997 Paoletti Vineyards ‘Gianni Paoletti’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA. (OMG!).

14. Who Would You Most Like To Cook For: The current President of the USA, Barack Obama.

15. Who Would You Least Like To Cook For: The multiple award-winning American Chef Thomas Keller (haha!).

16. Favorite Things To Do When Not Cooking: Playing in my Death Metal band Godhammered and riding my motorcycle in the mountains.

17. Your latest project: Working on a new concept in Caramel Valley area of California, USA.

18. Favorite City and Why: Paso Robles in California, USA. Located on the Salinas River and known for its wineries and relaxed style of living.  It’s freakin beautiful out there!

19. Your Greatest Indulgence: Cured meats, stinky cheeses, good bread and extra virgin olive oil.

20. Your All Time Best Culinary Tip: Only become a chef if you are passionate about food, not to be a star.

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